Wrike 101: Intro to Wrike Reviews

A cutting-edge way to review, request changes and approve files from SNMD.

We've put together a quick tutorial for how to review, request changes and approve files using Wrike.

Watch this video or continue scrolling for a step-by-step explanation.

Wrike Tutorial Build 1.4

How the Wrike review process works

  • When your project is ready for review, you'll receive a notification in your email inviting you to view the latest files.
  • Click Proceed to Review to accept the review and view the files we have prepared for your review. If you reject the review, please follow up with an email to your account manager detailing the reason.
  • Once inside Wrike, you will see the file for review.
  • At the bottom of the page are tools with which you can leave comments and approve or request changes to the file.


  • The default selected above is the basic comment bubble. You can click anywhere on the page to leave a dot and type a comment.
  • When leaving a comment, please use the @ symbol and type an SNMD team member's name at least once (Ex: @Michelle).
  • Click Send to submit your comment.

IMPORTANT: If you don't use the @ symbol to tag a team member, no one will be alerted and chances are we won't see your comment.

  • Other tools include the arrow, a rectangle box, and a free draw pencil to draw any shape you'd like. You can also change the color of your comment.
  • Once you're done reviewing, please select either Approve or Changes Required. This will also send an alert to our team that the file needs further action from us.
  • Now it's back in our court. The process will repeat itself once the next round of revisions is completed.