What is Image Resolution?

Resolution refers to the size and quality of an image.

Simply put, image resolution is the level of detail in an image. The higher the resolution, the greater the image detail.

An image's resolution is directly related to the quality of the content. At SNMD, we aim to provide you with the highest quality deliverables possible. To ensure the success of our goal, please review the following guidelines before submitting images to our team.

Requirements Image for Print Image for Digital
File Types
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • JPG for all others
  • PNG for transparency
File Size The larger the better Larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels
File Quality At least 300 DPI for highest quality At least 72 PPI (pixels per image) or more




How to Tell if Your Image is Low Res

  1. In your file browser, locate the image and right-click the file

  2. Select Properties on PC (or Get Info for Mac) from the menu

  3. Select the Details tab and scroll down

For PC For Mac